From cable sheaths to louvers

As Plastchem, we specialize in producing customized PVC compounds for various industrial sectors and a wide range of applications. With our expertise, we deliver high-quality soft PVC compounds for different applications, including cables and co-extrusion. Our PVC compounds are specially developed to provide optimal flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance, which are essential for these applications. Whether it's cable insulation, cable sheaths, hoses, profiles, or other soft PVC products, our compounds ensure excellent performance and reliability.

Our soft PVC compounds

Discover the extensive possibilities of soft PVC with our high-quality compounds. As a leading manufacturer of soft PVC compounds, we understand the specific needs of different industries and offer customized solutions. With our expertise and innovative production lines, we deliver compounds that meet the highest quality standards.


At Plastchem, we strive for perfection. Our modern and automated production process allows us to produce first-class compounds with consistent quality. Our technical experts are ready to provide advice and offer customized solutions so that we can achieve the right end product together.

We ensure that every batch meets rigorous quality standards, so our customers can rely on reliable and high-quality products.


With nine advanced production lines, we can deliver a highly consistent and precise quality of PVC compounds. Our ongoing focus on innovation enables us to continue to develop and meet the evolving needs of the market. By using advanced technologies and strict quality controls, we guarantee consistent and high-quality compounds for all your PVC applications.

We take pride in our reputation as a reliable partner in the PVC compound industry. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by not only delivering high-quality products but also by actively engaging and providing support throughout the entire process.

More about sustainability

Local Suppliers, Reduced Footprint

Our factory in Hardenberg benefits from a positive geographic location. Being situated in Hardenberg, the five largest S-PVC suppliers are within a 150-kilometer radius.

Over the years, we have established strong collaborations with these suppliers. By sourcing locally, we reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainability in the supply chain.

Efficient Process

With the establishment of our new factory, we have been able to optimize our processes to the maximum. In addition to being the cleanest and safest PVC compound factory, we are also the most energy-efficient.

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