Our Process is Ready for Tomorrow

All our PVC compounds are 100% recyclable, allowing them to be reused in new products after use, contributing to the circular economy.

We are the Partner for Sustainable PVC Solutions

Our newly built factory in 2021, strategically located in Hardenberg, is designed with various energy-saving measures. As a leading PVC compounder, we have taken innovative measures to make our production process more environmentally friendly. Our unique production process sets us apart from the current market. The production process starts at a height of 28 meters, making smart use of gravity, resulting in an energy-efficient and efficient process.

 Furthermore, we have invested in climate ceilings, allowing us to reuse heat from our production process in the office environment. This strengthens our commitment to sustainability and minimizes our energy consumption.

Market Leader and Most Efficient Production Location in Europe

Local Suppliers, Minimal Footprint

At PlastChem, we are actively working in various ways to minimize our footprint.

We are seeking solutions within our own supply chain through geographic advantages, brainstorming hydrogen-powered solutions for our transportation challenges, and investing in green energy by erecting a wind turbine. These are a few projects through which we will reduce our footprint in the coming years.

On our way to carbon neutrality

Our ambition is significant: PlastChem aims to become the world's first carbon-neutral PVC compounder. With a bold energy transition, we strive to become completely self-sufficient.

We are investing in sustainable energy sources and plan to build our wind turbine next to our factory. Through these initiatives, we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a clean energy supply. We are committed to a greener future, and you?


This certification confirms that we comply with international quality management systems. It ensures that we strive for consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

With this certification, we meet international environmental management systems. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness in our business operations.

International sustainability & carbon certification: We take pride in holding this certificate, which recognizes us as a sustainable and eco-friendly PVC producer.

This certification shows that our products meet the strictest fire safety standards. It guarantees the safety and reliability of our PVC compounds.

The CSTB certificate confirms that our products meet the technical and quality requirements in the construction sector. It is recognition of our expertise and reliability.


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