We are Plastchem together

At Plastchem, our foundation is built on teamwork. We are a passionate team with the mission of fulfilling our customers' needs.

 For us, it's all about turning today's problems into tomorrow's solutions. We persist where others may stop.

Over Forty Years of Experience with PVC Compounds

Originating as a trading company and transitioning to a strong privately-led family business nearly three decades ago under the name Plastchem.

In 2021, we built a state-of-the-art facility on the Broeklanden industrial estate in Hardenberg. This ultramodern establishment serves as our base for providing PVC compounds to the world.

We have grown into an industry-leading company with dedicated management that ensures continuity. We take immense pride in this achievement.

Attention is Our Core Value

Our core value is attention – attention to each other, to our end products, to our customers, and to our environment. It's about paying attention to everything around us. The plastics industry demands specialization, effective communication, customer-friendliness, proper pricing, and high quality. We aim to be the best in every conceivable aspect. We offer quality, flexibility, and ensure the right knowledge transfer. All of this with a strong commitment to our customers.

 Despite our automated production processes, our strong team is our most significant asset. "Just do it" is our motto. We don't think in terms of problems but focus on solutions, always ready to roll up our sleeves. With our team, we shape the culture of Plastchem.

 We provide our employees not only with a clean and safe work environment but also a pleasant atmosphere where everyone enters through the same door.

Our History

We'll take you on a fascinating journey through time and share the inspiring story behind Plastchem. Our history forms the solid foundation upon which we are built and has shaped us into who we are today.

In 1985, Plastchem marked a milestone in its history with the establishment of P.A.T. Engineering. This new branch of the company was founded with an ambitious goal: to develop innovative technologies that would elevate the processing of plastics and chemical products to new heights.

Founding Date April 1, 1994, was a pivotal moment in Plastchem's history. This year signified both the commencement of PVC compound production on the Wavin premises and the official founding date of Plastchem.

From this point onward, Plastchem gained ownership of the buildings on the Wavin site. A significant milestone for the company.

In 2005, Plastchem took a significant step into the world of entertainment and music with the successful development of Vinyl Record Compounds. Building upon their extensive expertise in plastic processing, Plastchem managed to create innovative formulations designed specifically for the production of high-quality vinyl records.

In 2010, Plastchem remained as the sole compounder of PVC compounds in the Benelux.

In 2012, Plastchem achieved a new height in its growth journey with the successful realization of the first expansion of its warehouse facilities. This step was a result of the increasing demand for Plastchem's high-quality plastic products and compounds, and the company recognized the need to expand its logistical capabilities to meet this demand.

In 2015, Plastchem took a bold step forward with the acquisition of an impressive piece of land spanning 50,000 square meters. This strategic investment was a significant milestone in the company's evolution and offered numerous possibilities for future growth and development.

In 2020, Plastchem embarked on an ambitious project with the initiation of the construction of a brand-new factory. This significant milestone marked a major leap forward in the company's expansion plans and strengthened its position as a leading player in the plastics industry.

In August 2021, Plastchem achieved a significant milestone with the successful inauguration of its new production location. This ultramodern facility, built with advanced technologies and sustainable practices, represented a major leap forward in the company's growth and development.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management that sets requirements for establishing and implementing an effective quality management system. By achieving this certification, Plastchem demonstrated its adherence to the highest standards of customer focus, quality assurance, and continuous improvement of its processes and services. This affirmed Plastchem's ability to deliver high-quality products that meet the expectations and requirements of its customers.

In 2023, Plastchem achieved a significant milestone in sustainability by receiving ISCC certification for its Bio-Compounds and Bio-Vinyl products. ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and is a globally recognized certification program that ensures the sustainability of bio-based products. The certification process encompasses stringent criteria for the entire value chain, from the source of raw materials to the end product, to ensure that production meets high environmental standards and social responsibility.

Plastchem is investing in advanced recycling technologies and facilities to establish an efficient and effective recycling cycle. By integrating recycling into its value chain, the company demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution.