The most modern PVC factory in Europe

In September 2021, we inaugurated our new factory. With 9 fully customized production lines and an automated weighing system, we ensure the highest quality and stability in every production of our end product.

The Company

In our state-of-the-art facility in Hardenberg, we produce high-quality PVC compounds. With over 3000 different compositions in every imaginable color, we tailor our compounds for various applications.

An expert team and an automated production process ensure efficiency and quality. The result is high-quality, stable compounds produced with minimal energy consumption.

The innovative factory is ultramodern, clean, and pleasant to work in. With nine dedicated production lines that are fully automated and a capacity of 120 Kton, Plastchem is the most modern PVC compounder in Europe.

High-Quality at Plastchem

We strive for the highest quality in all our production processes. Our fully automated systems play an essential role in ensuring consistent quality in every production cycle. Thanks to our advanced automation, we eliminate the risk of weighing errors, resulting in reliable and accurate products.