Meet our Vinyl Record Compounds

Discover the unparalleled quality of our Vinyl Record Compounds. As a leading supplier of compounds for vinyl records, we understand the specific needs.

With our global reach and high-quality compounds, we are the reliable partner for a perfect production process.

Our Vinyl Record Compounds

Vinyl goes back in time. Music is made to be seen and heard, a pure experience. The vinyl record was designed to experience that in your home, and this can only be achieved with the highest quality Vinyl Record Compounds.

We are a market leader in Vinyl Record Compounds. Our compounds form the foundation for millions of records worldwide.

The future of vinyl is here

Sustainability is also an important theme in the vinyl world. Our Bio-Vinyl Record Compounds align perfectly with this. In the production process of Bio-Vinyl, fossil raw materials are replaced by non-fossil raw materials. This reduces the carbon footprint by 90%. Want to learn more about our Bio-Vinyl Record Compounds?

Carefully crafted

Our Vinyl Record compounds are the building blocks of vinyl records. We have carefully assembled our compounds, allowing the pressing process to be efficient and trouble-free.

At Plastchem, we emphasize the constant quality of our Vinyl Record Compounds. Our advanced technologies and extensive research ensure excellent pressing processes for our customers. Impress music lovers worldwide with the superior performance of your vinyl records.

We deliver worldwide

We are globally active and highly regarded in the record compounds industry.

Our Vinyl Record Compounds are known by pressing plants worldwide for their reliability, consistency, and outstanding results.

Whether the vinyl pressing plant is in Europe, North America, Asia, or elsewhere, we can deliver high-quality compounds that meet your specific needs

40 Colors in Stock

 We can always deliver 40 Vinyl Record colors from stock. In addition to our existing colors, custom colors are also possible.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities. Color samples are available on request.

Vinyl for Generations

At Plastchem, we understand the importance of quality and performance. Our Vinyl Record compounds form the foundation for the most esteemed vinyl records on the market.

Contact us to discover how our high-quality compounds can elevate your vinyl records to a higher level. Achieve the best sound quality, consistency, and reliability with Plastchem.

We are ready to support the creation of vinyl records that music lovers worldwide will appreciate.

Trust Plastchem as the partner for the perfect Vinyl Record.

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